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FurnaceGTA is locally operated and family owned business here to help our valued customers. We are leader in Air Conditioner installation with 15 years of experience servicing and installing all makes and brands of furnaces both Commercial and Residential applications in Canada. Each of our clients have their own preference and experience with a certain brand, which we appreciate your decision and will avail that brand at a competitive price.

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Our Sales Department, Service Department and Installation Department are team of knowledgeable Home Comfort Advisors, Licensed and Certified Technicians and Installers. You can count on our reliable team of professional individuals with average 15 years of experience in the industry both commercial and residential. While you are here, please scroll down to see what services we offer to our valued customers

Our team of technicians and installers continuously participate in necessary training aimed at sharpening their skills, participate routinely in trainings organized by various manufacturers in Ontario. We offer same or next day installation, priority is given to homeowners with broken furnace.

It is important to read the owner’s manual that comes with your furnace. Safety of our families should be our number one priority to prevent any unwanted accidents, health hazards, fire and so on. Protecting our investment should also be our priority to avoid costly repairs in a cold harsh winter day. We can help you achieve both while saving you money. For more details, please contact our Service Department.

If your furnace breaks down in a cold stormy day, you can count on us to help you and come up with a solution. Just a reminder, our emergency services do not cost you extra. We are one phone call away at your service.

Please call our Sales Department for your free in-home consultation at no cost or any commitment. Our Home Comfort Advisors are here to help you obtain the necessary information about the market, technical details, pricing and more.

FuraceGTA offers various types of plans; Diamond, Gold, Silver, Platinum and Standard comfort plans. Please call us to inquire more information about our comfort plans.

Please call us at 416-821-9017 any time when you experience any furnace breakdown, we are here to help.


Enjoy savings and Energy Efficient heating at your comfort

Why Choose High Efficiency Furnaces

At FurnaceGTA, we offer some of the best high efficiency furnaces. Here are some of the common facts about high efficiency furnaces

The new high efficiency furnaces use Electric Ignition instead of Gas-Powered Pilot Lights that was in old furnaces. The Electronic Ignition lights up on-demand which makes them efficient unlike old furnaces with gas pilots on throughout the time a furnace was on.

With a climate change phenomenon hovering over the world, we need to turn to more energy efficient technology to save our world. With the temperature fluctuation, we need a furnace that can adjust itself to its environment and save us money. A high efficiency furnace come with two-stage heating. The lower stage uses less energy and is used unless the second stage is needed only when the temperature gets cold.

Furnaces are rated based on Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). New furnaces with 90% AFUE are Condensing Furnace, which uses second heat exchanger to extract heat from the exhaust gasses, which in older furnaces was vented out of our homes, loss.

Proper combustion requires certain amount of air. Old furnaces used the air from around the house for combustion. New furnaces draw air directly from outside to conserve energy and increase safety.

The new high efficiency furnaces AFUE range between 95% to 98%. With an upgrade to a higher AFUE furnace, you may qualify for government and manufacturer rebates. Call us to connect you with a certified energy auditor who will explain the process and requirement. Once approved for government rebate, a good quality furnace can cost you less than basic average furnace.

Safety First! New furnaces are equipped with Flame Sensor, Limit Switch and Roll-out Switch that are designed to ensure your safety. All these switches are designed to shut the furnace off when a safety concern is detected.



Whether you have a question about any kind of Furnace, need support or would just like to give us some feedback, we’re happy to hear from you.



We are delighted chose FurnaceGTA. We have searched for furnace in Toronto only to find out the prices were unaffordable! I would say FurnaceGTA is one of the best in Toronto and other areas they work. FurnaceGT worked around my budget the way they said they would. I ranked them as customer-driven company. The range of product lines they offer and the way their team present themselves shows how the company operates, crew considerate, professional, honest and most importantly a smile on their faces that shows they love what they do.
Tai V

Tai V

Home Owner
My little one was just born. My husband and I returned from the hospital and found our house cold. Other contractors told us we needed to replace, Jason said they will fix it. Sure enough, we had our furnace running in no time and a comfy warm house ready for my little Izabella and Tommy our cutie puppy. Thank you guys for taking care of exhausted mom and dad.
A happy customer!!! Your team members are really good. Todd and Raz did a great job. They just left after tidying up the house and leaving us tons of informational papers to know our furnace. I loved their effort to mark all the important accessories including the furnace turn off/on 😊. Yes, I didn’t know how to turn off or on my furnace and I know how to turn off my water heater, yay. You have my permission to post this review! Ciao
Vanessa M

Vanessa M

Home Owner
My steam-humidifier works the way FurnaceGTA said it would. My allergy is better. I would recommend stem-humidifier to people out there with dry skin and allergy. It is magic. Actually, the price is not bad for the solution it provides. Oh, thanks you Jason for your recommendation.


Home Owner

The reason Toronto and its surrounding areas trust us for Heating and Air Conditioning:

  • TSSA, Ontario College of Trade and  HRAI certified
  • Licensed and factory-trained technicians
  • Offering a 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Providing 24/7/365 emergency repair services
  • Our business is built on honesty, quality, and integrity
  • We offer a lowest price guarantee on installations
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Hometime Installation Performance™ Series Steam Humidifier

Hometime Installation Performance™ Series Steam Humidifier