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Gas Furnace Efficiency is Very Important to Saving Money

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  2. Gas Furnace Efficiency is Very Important to Saving Money

There is a lot of pressure on the average household to consume as much energy as possible in order to lower their energy bills as well as going green for the sake of our planet. purchasing a gas furnace that has a high gas furnace efficiency is a way that you can put money back into your pocket as well as help to save the environment. the winter months will bring the highest energy bills but with this type of furnace, you can not only be comfortable in your home but also not cringe every time the energy bill shows up at your door.

you will find that there are many brands of furnaces that are trusted and known by many consumers who use them. the best furnaces that are the most popular are the ones that have the energy star sticker on them stating what the afue rating is of that particular model. with this information on a furnace, the consumer can see what type of gas furnace efficiency that model will give them, which also tells him how much money they will be saving. the brands of furnaces include carrier, trane, lennox, goodman, coleman, bryant, rheem, amana, york, and armstrong.

these manufacturers of furnaces have to meet a standard called the AFUE rating. they are required by law to make this rating visible to any consumer looking at their product. this is due to all the hype about saving our planet. it was found that the older furnaces that did not have a high rating not only gave large energy bills to their owners but also put many more pollutants in the air. this will allow consumers to know that they are getting a gas furnace efficiency rating that will lower their bills.

lennox is a manufacturer of furnaces that rolls in the top ten of most popular brands. they have an award-winning furnace model of SLP98. this model is a part of their Lennox signature collection. it is the quietest and has the highest gas furnace efficiency of the collection. it exceeds all the standards that are set by the EPA. it has special components such as the duralok plus heat exchanger, the sunlight igniter and control board, along with many other features that are a part of the cutting edge technology of today. you can get the reliability and comfort that your home needs when you purchase a product from Lennox.