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Privacy Policy


FurnaceGTA is committed to protecting its clients’ privacy and personal information. FurnaceGTA takes every step in ensuring its clients’ personal information is safe, secure and puts in place rigorous policies and procedures, which means FurnaceGTA fully complies with all Canadian Privacy Laws and Regulations.

FurnaceGTA’s privacy complies with Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents (PIPEDA). At FurnaceGTA, we regularly review our privacy policies and update when new changes are introduced under PIPEDA so we remain committed and meet our clients’ expectations. To ensure our privacy policy is practiced and fully complied with, our employees undergo privacy training as part of our condition of employment.

FurnaceGTA under no circumstances discloses any of its clients’ personal information to third party for any purpose. However, under the governing laws in Canada, FurnaceGTA is obliged to provide its clients’ information to law enforcement agencies or Canadian Revenue Agency when requested.

FurnaceGTA, when involved in an active transaction, requests name, address, telephone number, email address signature on an invoice and payment method i.e. banking information for payment to a purchase. FurnaceGTA does not request its clients for their credit history, Social Information Number and Date of Birth unless otherwise there is a Financing Company involved who needs such information where our clients apply for loan and sign up with those financing companies of their choice.

FurnaceGTA does not collect information from third part. FurnaceGTA collects clients’ information directly from clients with their consent once clients agree to sign up for a transaction.

FurnaceGTA is very serious in protecting and safeguarding its clients’ personal information and takes every necessary precaution to protect its clients.


The number of cyber-attacks, cyber hacking, scam calls, online theft are on the rise dramatically. We advise that you take necessary steps and precautions to protect your safety, privacy and banking information. FurnaceGTA does not randomly call homeowners to ask for their banking information and other sensitive personal information unless you are actively engaged with FurnaceGTA for a purchase through FurnaceGTA. Our contact information is available on our website.

We request you not to release your personal information, especially your banking information, to anyone who impersonates FurnaceGTA, CRA or Police. If you owe FurnaceGTA or CRA, no individual calls you to pay via Apple, WesternUnion or any privacy money exchange agencies. You will always be served with a letter.