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Understanding Gas Furnace Ratings is Very Important When Purchasing a Gas Furnace

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  2. Understanding Gas Furnace Ratings is Very Important When Purchasing a Gas Furnace

When purchasing a >gas furnace, there are many different aspects of that furnace that you need to consider but the most important factor to understand is the gas furnace ratings. this is very important because these ratings have everything to do with the amount of money you will be spending and the amount of pollution you will be generating. each model of a furnace that you will see will have an attached ticket that will tell you what its efficiency rating is. the higher the rating, the more efficient the furnace will be.

when understanding this rating that is put on most appliances that you see in stores today, you need to know what it means. AFUE means annual fuel utilization efficiency. there was a law that was passed by the united states department of energy that stated all furnaces must meet a standard when it comes to their efficiency. this standard of gas furnace ratings helps to clean up the environment as well as lower the energy consumption that consumers use. the furnaces that are on the market have to comply with their product being at least 78 percent efficient. most of the models that you do see will exceed this standard and almost be 100 percent efficient.

the major brands within this industry include manufacturers such as Lennox, York, Coleman, Goodman, and carrier. there are many other brands that have to abide by the same standard but may not be as well known. carrier makes a furnace model called the infinity 96 gas furnace. this furnace is popular due to its very high rankings of gas furnace ratings as well as its level of noise and durability. this furnace is installed with intelligence technology that allows the homeowner to communicate with the furnace when there may be problems that they have to troubleshoot.

Lennox is also a popular manufacturer of furnaces that have several different models that rank high on the gas furnace ratings. they have the SLP98 Signature series modulating gas furnace that has a rating of 98 percent AFUE and above. this furnace has a modulating design which creates a one percent firing rate so that the comfort levels in the home stay the same as well as keeping the furnace not work more than it needs to. this helps to save energy as well as expenses. there are also many more models that a high-efficiency rating that would also take care of the heating needs of a home.